Waffle House


If you are from the Hertfordshire area and surrounding, you will know about the Waffle House. It seemed to be the place for Saturday mornings, the ultimate brunch when you were 16 and the place I went to after my GCSE and A-Levels results.

I love the waffle house and since going to University I haven’t been able to go, so when I had the opportunity to take my boyfriend and show him the St Albans treasure. The waffle house has a savoury and sweet menu with many milkshakes.

One aspect I love about the Waffle House is the atmosphere of friends catching up. The waffle house buzzes with chatter as if it is alive. The cosy nature of the place enables secrets to spill out and romances to blossom.


I went for the banoffee waffle with ice cream and did not regret it. My routine has been ruined whilst being on holiday and travelling about. Before I start to settle down back into healthy eating, I went for the ultimate sugar loaded waffle.

Have you even been to the waffle house?



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