venetsanos winery

Venetsanos Winery is located near Red Beach above the port of Athinos, it has breathtaking views of the Caldera. Owned and run by the Venetsanos family, who have a long tradition of producing wine. The winery offers incredible views and wine (no it doesn’t taste the same as different places…)

Local wine in Santorini is astounding. The secret to the wine is not watering the grapes. (yes, this is correct). The volcanic soil and the humidity, enable the grapes to grow with intense flavours and in abundance.Protected in a traditional wreath, this technique has been used for thousands of years.


I must mention that Maria (see picture above) is an astonishing woman. The passion, enthusiasm is demonstrated not only in the atmosphere but in her wine. Full of knowledge about Santorini vineyards and the wine flavours, it was mesmerising to listen too.

We were able to taste a range of local wines and even bought a bottle at the end (who wouldn’t). Not only does Maria tell you about the wine, but what to pair the wine with.


From right to left, we have. Santorini Venetsanos 2015, Nykteri Venetsanos (night wine) 2015, Anaggalis 2015, Mandilaria Venetsanos 2015, Liastos 2008.

I love wine, especially dry white. Yet the Liastos is a very sweet wine traditional to Santorini. I now like sweet wine. It difficult to describe tasting something to someone, as you really just want to say “try it”. The chocolate, cinnamon, and spices were incredible, accompanied with the cheese. (Spectacular)


CHEESE. I love cheese and honestly have to stop myself from consuming too much. When the option of a cheese board (Cycladic Cheese Platter) came about, I was in heaven. Here are local goats cheese, spicy cheese and some local cheese to Santorini and some brie. The Fig jam here was delicious and we were sad that the stop didn’t sell any. It is a family recipe just for the winery.



The photo above is of a traditional tomato balls, they are delicious. The volcanic soil and farming methods of Santorini enable the tomatoes to be sweet and flavoursome. This is a must have in Santorini or in the winery.

If you are in Santorini, please do visit this winery. It is not touristy and I’m suggesting it as I had such an amazing time. Could not recommend this enough. Have you ever been to a winery?


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