Eating in Santorini


Food in Santorini

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to some incredible restaurants in Oia. I would highly recommend all the restaurants and cafes I am about to talk about. They are all very expensive but worth it for one night if you want to treat yourself.


Armeni Bay 

Armeni Fish Restaurant is beautiful. It is away from the cruise crowd and it means the service is outstanding. This is a hidden Jem as you get to hear the waves breaking on the shore whilst eating a meter away from it. There are some great bits on the menu and I had the Baklava which I’d recommend.





Canvas, Oia 

Canvas is actually a hotel with two wonderful restaurants that are actually poolside. The place is relaxed and relatively smart in comparison to Oia. This place offers a range of food from taster menus to light brunch. I would highly suggest setting aside a night to this fantastic restaurant with mouth watering food and romantic views.

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This family restaurant was one of the best meals we had. I would recommend the mouth-watering mussels.


There were mixed reviews on Passaggio, many said it was over priced. I would disagree. The place is mid-range in comparison to the whole island. The food is incredible and the smoothies are really good. We visited the cafe a couple of times and returned due to the quality.

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