Kaia at The Ned

I have a list the size of my arm of places I want to visit and experience in London. I recently got to experience one of the nice restaurants at The Ned. It did not disappoint.  Can we all appreciate how beautiful this Poke Bowl is. The Ned is about ££ on a scale, but…

3 Amazing Places to eat in Chicago

  3 Amazing Places to Eat in Chicago Places that I would highly recommend Cindy’s  I am going to start with my favourite restaurant called Cindy’s, it is a rooftop bar with a great atmosphere. This rustic but modern restaurant holds the best views of the park. The food is simply fantastic with a range of…

Food in Thailand

If you want to read about cooking courses and the type of food to expect in Thailand.


If you are in London and fancy some great Japanese food….check out Roka

Eating in marrakech

Suggestions in Marrakech I was only in Marrakech for four days and here are some places that I would suggest. A couple of them hold high levels of hygiene and promote the fact that they wash cutlery with filtered water. 1. NOMAD Although 32/674 on Trip Adviser, this restaurant is delightful. If you can book a…