Perhentian Islands

At the start of this trip, Harry and I agreed that we wouldn’t “slum it”  or “over do it” on the trip but find a middle ground between the too. Going into our third week now, we have found good compromises between this spectrum.

That all changed on our trip to the Perhentian Islands. I’m not moaning, ( only a little) but I feel that if you’re gonna “slum it” so to speak, you probably not gonna be paying much and if you are, you’re a mug. This week we have been just that. Trip Adviser wasn’t the most helpful buddy and it meant we didn’t have a good idea of prices on the island or where to go. So we had found something about Long Beach, backpackers ‘paradise’ – cheap, pretty and happening.
We have now moved from the place of which I will not speak of, to a place with actual facilities. It is much nicer and has a movie every night.  We get a nice mosquito net that covers the bed although with the amount of bites I have, it is questionable to whether it’s working. It’s a lot cheaper on this side of the island and most places have a discount which is good.

On a positive note… the water here is cystal blue and we have seen sharks, sting rays and many fish just snorkling. Harry is constantly working on his tan line and seems to be defining ‘how low he will go’ with his beach shorts.

Diving (and free diving!) was pretty incredible….although diving in a current feels as if your swimming through  thick treacle. Really weird sensation, but a great experience nonetheless. Harry did his usual, of floating so close to the bottom of the floor that he is either asking to be stung by urchins again or trying to create a ‘prince and the fish’ story.


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