Koh Tao


We have arrived in Koh Tao, and are in a small quite basic bungalow, but as the PADI open water course is quite intense, the early starts (6:00) and long days, have meant that we have hardly spent any time in the room. This also means that my tan is coming along, excusing the rash top tan lines.

The open water PADI course is fun and we did our first open water dive today. Our instructor is so calm it’s fantastic, it makes the whole experience seem carefree and we have learnt so much in the last two days. There is a sign in Koh Tao, comparing diving to sex which I will upload – it’s pretty amusing but equally as true. Along the lines of as you do it more you get better and go deeper. Downsides to the course is taking the mask off underwater that hurts like no tomorrow, the stinging is worst than any bite imaginable. The sun is fierce, and there is irony in making sure we stay hydrated especially when we’re in and under water all day.

We are diving at Crystal Diving Resort on the edge of Koh Tao, it has been organised, safe and at all times. The instructor is an old friend of mine, it has been nice to see him. But if you ever come and visit, the referral name is Luke Smith (2015). It is one of the biggest diving schools in the world (from what I read in the Thailand guidebook), with benefits such as having its own pier so less boat hopping and You get free accommodations with the courses, which means you save several of hundred baht and get to dive a lot.

The course is about 9,800 baht, and from what I read that is the average price on the island. If you’re thinking about taking the course, important things to consider is if you have a cold, as when you fill in all the medical forms you can’t dive if you do. It is to do with the pressure on your ears.  Honestly, you would be silly not to give diving a go. I was really worried when I got here about it, but I didn’t panic once or worry at all.

I would also suggest with experience to wear a wet suit, it sounds silly considering most of our dives are at 30 degrees, but it reduces / stops chaffing under your arms. If you have a long sleeved rash top bring it, will be so useful. I bought one and it helped a bit, but the BCD (buoyancy control device) does just rub a bit especially if you’re in the water. I might be a special case, but my American friend Elle, had the same thing happened to her. It ended up with me putting vasoline under my arms, yes I did feel like an idiot as it was pink. Harry, my boyfriend has some facial hair, but it meant that water went into his mask, so he had to shave it off. ( I was obviously REALLY happy with this outcome, mini fist pump).

Our group is great, there are six of us altogether. The clowns of the group are from China and provide constant entertainment for the group. Whether it’s teaching us Chinese or telling a story. I’ll be sad to see them go. At first, it is odd breathing through the equipment when diving, but with practice it becomes effortless and you start to try and slow your breathing so that you can conserve air.

At first, it is odd breathing through the equipment when diving, but with practice it becomes effortless and you start to try and slow your breathing so that you can conserve air.

18/07/15 -passed OPEN WATER PADI DIVING COURSE and it looks like we might be doing the advance!


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