Guide to Santorini

Santorini has something for everyone.

The Villages

Santorini has a breathtaking landscape and it consists of a couple of villages on the caldera. Oia is the most magnificent village, with breathtaking views, there is the vibrant Fira and calm villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. There is also the medieval atmosphere of Pyrgos village makes it an absolute visit for the history or architecture buff.

The History 

Santorini is full of history. If you have a morning free visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri. This means you can escape the sun for a couple of hours and be mesmerised by the sophistication of ancient civilisations.

The Beaches

Due to the volcanic rock on the island, the beaches are a range of colours making them unique to the island. If you are able to climb (wear sensible shoes) to the red beach.

The Gastronomy 

Volcanic soil has enabled unique products such as cherry tomatoes, the caper, fava beans and wine with strong flavours; they are all a must try on the island. Do not miss the wines, I have dedicated a whole post to the Venetsanos winery. 


Walking from Fira to Oia is something you shouldn’t miss.The views of the Caldera are spectacular. I would suggest leaving at 6 and getting to Oia (pronounced E-A) at around 8:30 for the sunset. If you want a challenge you can also walk down and up from the Harbours. Again, do this in the early morning or evening.  If you are not interested in walking, you can spend a morning on a catamaran enjoying the breeze and ocean views.

The animal of Santorini is the donkey, they are covered in bells making a sweet sound around the town. There is the opportunity to ride donkeys up the stairs. I wouldn’t suggest this even though many people do. It does seem cruel. The locals will reassure you that they are strong creatures. In Santorini, the donkeys are more expensive to buy than cars so the owners must look after them.


The Airport 

The airport is small located southern part of the island. When returning home for international flights be there two hours before. Warning, there are limited places to sit and limited places to eat.










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  1. Looks amazing! What time of year did you visit?


    1. ostrigg says:

      Hey Jenny, I visited in July the island tends to become crowded in August. Although a small island many Cruise ships visit every day bringing in hundreds of people. I would suggest staying in Oia, if you can, it is the nicer side of the island. With many romantic and beautiful places to visit.

      Hope this helps. xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the tips! Yes, I have my eye on Oia- it looks magical! 🙂


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