still diving

yes, Harry and I went on to do the advanced PADI diving course. I think it was worth it, we were able to get the same instructor and the Chinese guys wanted to do it as well so the crew are still together. It’s a two-day course and it made sense economically really to carry on as well as the benefit of going wreck diving. We now have a total of 9 dives under our belt and that also includes night diving.


Due to the fact we stayed with crystal diving resort, we were able to get a 10% discount on the advanced diving course. As it meant that it was even cheaper than doing 5 fun dives. What to say about the advanced course…you do 5 sections which include a wreck dive, deep dive, night dive and some less interesting such as such buoyancy control.

Personally, the most exciting dive for me was the Wreck, it was a large ship which was given to the Thais by the Americans as a sign of peace. The Thais donated it to Scuba diving and Wreck training. The ship is completely empty on the inside, which is good for training as it means no entanglement. As we were deeper, it meant that there were large schools of fish, which were a bit surreal.


Yesterday, Harry and I did our first ever night dive, it was an interesting experience. We saw much to my excitement a turtle and a hunting barracuda. we were given torches and just explored the sea in small sections.

20/07/15 – we have finished our Advanced Diving Course, and we had the afternoon off to explore the rest of Koh Tao. Sky and Lin, the Chinese Knuckle Brothers got quad bikes and Harry and I shared a bike. We bartered the price as we were getting them altogether so that we only paid 270 for a bike. We then explored the Island and went swimming at some beaches. It was insane, it was incredibly picturesque.


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