img_3934Roka, Charlotte Street

If you ♥ Japanese food, Roka is a must try. 

ROKA is another Japanese restaurant in London. I’ve tried many similar restaurants but this one is a new favourite. Roka combines great atmosphere with great quality food. A fine place to eat out with friends or for a lively date in London, but make sure you book. The principle cuisine is from the robata grill, which originates from the fishermen of the Northern coastal waters off Japan, who would cook the fish on the boats with different charcoals and share the bounty with one another using their oars.

The food, as you can see, looks incredible and tastes it! We started out with a seasoned sashimi selection, an excellent salmon sashimi and minced tuna sashimi with spring onions served on a platter over crushed ice and accompanied by spicy sticky edamame. We then had poached King Crab leg, avocado, tosazu jelly with wasabi tobiko. Don’t go to ROKA if you want a traditional meal, the food comes in any order, served hot.

In the ROKA dessert platter, the Mango and Berry Sorbet was unbelievable and the indulgent hazelnut and chocolate sticks were fantastic I was upset that there were only 2 If you are ever in London, give this restaurant a try!

  1. Address: Roka 37 Charlotte Street London W1T 1RR. Venue phone: 020 7580 6464. Venue website:

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