We got a bus up to Krabi it took 8 hours….with no air con and yes you are right in assuming it wasn’t pleasant. Harry’s t-shirt changed colour due to the amount of moisture.


Harry and I really enjoyed Railay, and the mosquitos there seemed to really enjoy Harry and I. The urge to constantly itch is high, except the bites are on my bum..yes my bum…walking around trying to subtly itch that just can’t happen.

The islands are breathtaking out here, and hiring a kayak and just exploring is a great option if you get the chance. Cave exploring with a flashlight or hiking to the lagoon.

Harry and I got up early to climb to the lagoon, which I would highly recommend as if there is loads of people climbing you will spending a majority of your time waiting for people, as the routes are narrow. There seemed to be only one easy path which everyone wanted to take. The climb, has resulted in my shoes changing colour from a beautiful blue to clay mud colour and don’t seem to want to go back.

Koh Phi Phi 

Phi Phi is equally as stunning and we have been reading the tsunami which hit the area in 2005. With little indication of the devastation. Harry has finally got a new book, but it’s about a war helicopter and every other page is being read to me.  At least when reading John Grisham I didn’t find out the storyline until I picked up the book.


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