Koh Phangan

we have arrived on Koh Phangan, after a short ferry from Koh Tao we negotiated a fare of 300 baht each, which isn’t too bad. After walking for what felt like an eternity we finally found some accommodation, everywhere seemed to be booked up for the Half Moon party. We are staying at O’ Sole Mio, run by an Italian family. It’s very charming- they are still working on doing up the place, so the rooms are a bit basic. The food here is incredible and the staff are all really friendly. I would suggest to visit here as you also only a step away from Coco Gardens, so if you want the atmosphere of the pool table and it’s only a short walk on the beach.

At the moment, there is two small kittens and two small puppies roaming about, which are hugely distracting. We have got a bungalow on the beach, which is incredible as you can hear the waves at night. The bungalow is basic, it has a wet room and a fan. In total, we have spent two and a half days of Koh Phangan and have really enjoyed it. O’ Sole Mio, set us up with a moped, which is extremely convenient and I would highly recommend getting one. It meant that in the day, we could Temple / Beach / viewpoint hop around the Island. Many of the beaches are beautiful and have great snorkelling spots. The only downside is the 100 to 200-metre walk or float (depending on how brave you feel) through the shallow coral.

If you get a chance, and want a break from restaurants. The Patong Food Market in Thong Sala is great fun. There are many stalls of different foods, from Sushi to Curry. It caters for all with a large area of tables and chairs at the back. The sushi was really good, and only about 5 baht a piece. There is a small market filled with Half and Full Moon neon tops as well as other tourists attractions, it’s nice to wonder but much of the same.

Harry and I went to a Half Moon Party. I was worried that it would be absolutely crap, and was apprehensive especially as it costs around 20 pounds to enter. In all honestly, we had a great time, the place is enormous and is sponsored by Absolut Vodka. The jungle themed party has all types of people and of all ages. Buckets are everywhere, and range significantly in price. The food on the site is slightly questionable, I think you either have to be very very drunk to enjoy it or I would recommend going to a Seven Eleven on the way back. Taxi’s fares costs around 100 baht a person.

During our stay, we spent the majority of our time with two German girls, Nina and Tini. Harry knew them previously, from his travels. They were great fun and they had been on the island a week or so and showed us around. They certainly came in handy when Harry, like an idiot, stepped on the only sea urchin we could find (a large spiny sea creature with 5-7 inch barbed needles protruding at all angles) . Apparently, they come out at their own accord, so after a little bit of lemon / lime or hot water, they are just meant to come out. Harry hasn’t been whining, surprisingly, about them- I think it is because half of his feet are bleeding and cut from battling the shallow coral infested waters. Harry as always made a good impression, as on one taxi journey in the back of a pickup truck, his gum flew out of his mouth, hitting Tini. Much to Nina and my amusement, he proceeded to unstick it from her thigh and put it back in his mouth to continue chewing! Tini, I think, was only relieved it wasn’t some sort of attacking flying slug (Men in Black style)!!!

We are now on our way to the Perhentian Islands, the slight detour that wasn’t planned originally, but it has been highly recommended. It is more expensive, but off the normal backpackers route, so pros and cons.  The journey to these breathtaking islands from Koh Phangan consists off a 2 1/2 hour ferry, then bus, then 10-hour train, then bus, then a small walk across the border. Then another bus, another ferry to Islands.  This mammoth journey should take us a day and a half.

If you want to see my video;


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