Eating in marrakech

Suggestions in Marrakech

I was only in Marrakech for four days and here are some places that I would suggest. A couple of them hold high levels of hygiene and promote the fact that they wash cutlery with filtered water.

nomad1. NOMAD

Although 32/674 on Trip Adviser, this restaurant is delightful. If you can book a rooftop view, it will make a romantic evening. It has beautiful sunsets and the food was out of this world. I would suggest the Lamb Tagine it melted in my mouth, it was traditional food with a twist. The service was excellent, quite simply one of the best reasonably priced places.


This restaurant was highly recommended by friends, family, and all the blogs.  It is an expensive restaurant. The portions are generous and the traditional food doesn’t disappoint.

3. Pepe Nero

This is a great restaurant, it has a beautiful setting amongst a pool filled with the odd rose. The menu has a range of traditional and non-traditional food. It’s relatively easy to walk too, once you get to the large square it seems inevitable that children will appear to “aid’ you.  They have learnt to lead you either to the wrong place or to the door and beg for money. Simply ignore them and when the door to the restaurant opens, they run away.  Do not let this deter you the restaurant is fantastic, with great service and a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Earth Cafe (Vegan) Restaurant

The food and juices are lovely, it can get quite hot due to the nature of the building. The food is simple with generous portions.

5. Le maison de photograpie.
Although very small and I can only assume it really caters for lunch, due to the opening times of the museum. The restaurant serves some great fresh salads and traditional tajines with a view. The prices are reasonable and the food is served with fresh bread.

7. Jemaa el Fna
The famous market stalls of the main square with many men bustling for you to sit at their restaurant, stating that it’s their very own mum doing the cooking. I think in reality, it probably isn’t true but it makes it fun. I was unlucky and got an upset stomach from the stalls but you could be lucky! It could have been the food, the dirty water or the unclean cutlery. part of the experience. I would suggest asking the people eating at the place, it honestly is probably the best policy.

Good Luck!


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