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Scams in Marrakech

Marrakech is a beautiful city, but the sad reality is that due to the fact that it is a tourist destination there are a lot of scams. Don’t let this deter you, just be aware when about. Here are top scams to avoid in Marrakech.  Taxi’s from the Airport The taxi rank is run by…

still diving

If you get the chance to dive in Thailand, it is amazing. Then go to the Advanced diving courses.


We got a bus up to Krabi it took 8 hours….with no air con and yes you are right in assuming it wasn’t pleasant. Harry’s t-shirt changed colour due to the amount of moisture. Railay  Harry and I really enjoyed Railay, and the mosquitos there seemed to really enjoy Harry and I. The urge to…

Realistic Travel before i’m..26

Photos & Words: Olivia I want to travel the world and I have been fortunate to visit many places, but my scratch map is not yet complete. Here is a list of places I want to visit before I am 26 / as soon as I can. Travelling alone, with friends or family is a great…

Food in Thailand

If you want to read about cooking courses and the type of food to expect in Thailand.

Koh Phangan

we have arrived on Koh Phangan, after a short ferry from Koh Tao we negotiated a fare of 300 baht each, which isn’t too bad. After walking for what felt like an eternity we finally found some accommodation, everywhere seemed to be booked up for the Half Moon party. We are staying at O’ Sole…


If you are in London and fancy some great Japanese food….check out Roka

Reflecting on 2016

Part of writing this blog is helping me focus my thoughts and ideas. Part of that is now reflecting on last year. Career  I started Law school which is the next big part of my plan. It has been tough starting a new university and making new friends. I have a long commute which has…